Anyone - A dawn sonnet

Oh Dawn, thou turn'st the sky a ruddy red
And rousest me from my so comfy bed.
I pull the covers up to ban thy light,
But thou wilt have dominion o'er the night.

I wriggle deeper; still thy tendrils lurk.
Begone! I do not wish to go to work.
Cannot I have but one more moment's sway?
It's here in warmest comfort I would stay.

Thou wrestest from me my own right to choose.
I will emerge, but only to hit "snooze."
I can but hope thy willpow'r will decrease,
That thou mightst leave me in my fluffy fleece.

Thou foulest waker, not to be denied.
But hark, what trumpet sounds? Must be my ride. 

The End

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