In Sorrows Grasp - RedHeadRose

I know I shouldn't

But my heart chooses for me

You know you shouldn't

But just friends, surely!


We talk through my night

We chat through your day

My eyes are heavy

Yet I can't tear away


Your words, my smile

I fly to the ceiling

I doubt you'll ever know

How much I'm feeling


My words, your smile

I fly to the moon

Reeling, keeling,

That's silly, don't swoon


My glass box of fears

It cracks, falls, sticks like a shard

Like a burn that sears

But has never scarred


A glimmer, a flicker

She's there in the picture

A trigger to my head

Both mind and bloodshed


You mention her name

You can't imagine the pain

You said there's no God

It crushed, It trod


And yet still I keep on,

Too faithful, too strong,

Unfaithful, weak fool

Forever cruel,


Still In Sorrows Grasp.

The End

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