From Below - Tip_A_Steinback

Child alone in trampled grasses sits,

As a shrub in the land running flat to the skies.

From above always stomp the monsters of thunder,

From above, lightning's knife cleaves the night.

From above hurl the twisted old faces,

Unsmiling mouths barking heated bile.

                                -                      -

Child alone in trampled grasses sits,

As a stone on ground churned like earthen seas.

From above always plunge the human hornets,

From above, pale rainbows of destruction arc.

From above dip the ancient wet eyes,

Unsmiling lips mouthing the end of love.

                           -                      -

From below surges life-giving water.

From below stretch tendrils of plant.

From below sings the ghost of the mother,


In a lifelong night.

The End

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