Anyone-Death is only the beginning...

I scrapped the dirt away from my finger tips

My fingers were shovels and showed evidence of my work

My fingers I could control

The thin man came to me then and said " Death is only the beginning..."

The beginning of what?

You can't take it with you.

And there's nothing left to go back to

I told him no

His boney fingers touched my shoulder

Glided to my hand

His cold skin warmed mine

He said " Become..."

Become what a creature of the night?

Are you giving me a choice?

He pointed to a street light

Then he said " Become the light"

I could save the world

Maime and murder in the name of any god

I whispered. I wept "I could save the world but who would save me?"

He took his hand from mine and moved it along a single strand of hair and down my face

I barely heard him say " Why do you think you are here?"

The End

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