COACH - Writing Under Influence (WUI)

Alcoholics Anonymous is for quitters

They take your heart, your soul, your bottle, your will

They preach abstinence from the drug that lets me escape

So I drop my glass and pick up the pill


Last week I took valium and things turned for the worse

Everything….started to….get….a….bit…straaanngee.


Soooo….I…booought….sooooome… change


Sadly, I lost my abilitytosleep

And thingsstartedmakingmuchlesssense

In aweirdcrazykindofway thatcausedeverything aroundme to

Goveryfast melding future andpast into onetense


Then Isprintedandskipped downto 5thandMain

Grabbedan ounceof marijuana andstarted to smoke

Ended up eating...fourteeen burgers, bro

And dude, hehe, I was laughing at things that weren’t even joookes.


Stoned out of my mind, and jonesing for more

I popped some X and turned on my screen

I saw bodies writhing and acts of depravity

A fantasy film for my drug-induced scene


Then I saw Cage in Leaving Las Vegas

Farley and Belushi and lives of destruction

Watched Ledger destroy himself behind a colored mask

Then started to reduce my life of reduction.


Today I am sober, the bottle on the shelf

And AA is merely a place to find friends

Debauchery and escape are no longer my needs

A toast to you Traxisk for this is the end.


The End

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