Anyone -- The dilemma

and when we battle with ourselves

we'll find us at a loss,

"say sir," we'll say, "are you yourself?"

and smile five miles across.

when we respond to our own touch

we'll feel mystified,

for like a mirror we'll react

but never on our side.

we weed with words, we had not vied

for stark intentions glowing

yet puzzled, we are just debacles

our honesties forgoing.

"sweet self," we hiss, "i mean no harm,"

an introspective shout,

we saunter swiftly, circling close

and shying away in doubt.

but when we reach ourselves with grin

and teeth bared for the fight

we note our arms seem made of smoke

and woven out of light.

there's only one, there's only me

us's, we's and I's

we blend ourselves together, and we


and agonize.

our victory will stare us in the face

our face, our slow demise -

when i've lived a hundred years i'll find

it's me that i despise.

we'll smile at us as we escape

but can't tell who is who

trapped behind the glass, i've found,

i've turned myself to you.

The End

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