Anyone- Hold what you are given

You  take your time finding the silver lining

You pretend to sort a deck of cards

but I know you

Your overthinking things again

I don't pretend to wait impatiently

Even if I could count the lines in your face

And see the pictures carved in your skin

I see the evidence of a hard life but...

You hand me a pile of cards

I peer over my cards

and you wink at me from behind yours

I can tell you want to stay here indefinitely

but you just can't hold what you are given

So afraid of what was

of what may come

but I'm not them

It's not another false promise

It's just an observation

Got any sixes?

Go fish

You say

You don't have to do anything

but what I need...

Is something you just don't want to do

I'm for the taking

and you keep starving

Got a king?

God I hate this game!

The End

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