Jait - Behind the Lens

Oh, Tasha.  You had to do it, didn't you? After my stating how I feel about poetry these days...  But okay.  I didn't say I didn't write it...

The structure is a Villanelle in Iambic Sextameter--six feet of primarily iambs with a forced rhyme scheme in the form of a Villanelle (check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villanelle for more info). 

I didn't write this with anything specific in mind...  The theme evolved as I wrote.  The impetus was the death of one of my models last year and the fact that--for all the photos (I took) of her on display at her funeral--there are no photos that exist of me *with* her...


Behind the Lens

The memory fades. Only images remain
Of ruby glances that would never become more
'Cause you waited so quietly behind the lens.

Naked sunlight on the sapphire sea, invited
Subtle enchantments and promises of glory.
The memory fades. Only images remain.

Her eyes sparkled like emeralds, rousing verdant
flame within--desires wrestled but never fulfilled
'Cause you waited so quietly behind the lens.

At the wedding, too late it became so clear why
They danced in the moonlight,sharing murmurs and sighs.
The memory fades. Only images remain.

Time moves on.  Fantasy's grip weakens, releasing
Opal shadows to blur the once-gentle glances.
The memory fades. Only images remain.
'Cause you waited so quietly behind the lens.


So... for my challenge...create a poem using the three words provided.  You should eschew free-verse.  Write a poem adhereing to the strict structure of a specific form.  And do tell us what that form is, as I've done.  (check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetry for some ideas, but don't limit yourself to just the forms listed there!)  I won't tag specific people.  Sorry.

The End

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