Traxisk - A Kingdom Of Hearts

Humans are slaves to our emotions,

And love is the most powerful of all.

A proposal promises wedded bliss

But rejection cuts deep and raw.


In a world such as this, it’s hard to imagine

That no person hasn’t felt infatuation.

Unrequited love occurs far too often

Drawing out the worst in us, including frustration.


A lover spurned by his beloved -

If he were sufficiently in power -

Considers that affection’s a weapon

(She tore out his lovesick heart to devour).


Government has made some bad decisions,

But overall says what’s best for our society.

The Prime Minister was prompted to outlaw love

In a decision that gained great notoriety.


Not all love was deemed forbidden,

But only love that hurt another:

No person could love two men at once

Committing this offence would be met by murder;


You can only love one for the duration of your life;

The only justification for marriage is true love.

No matter what you thought you was in your best interest,

Arranged marriages received no sanction from above.


If you thieved love from a happy couple -

Rather, stealing away a woman or man -

You could also be painfully killed;

Your head laid bare on Guillotine, Madame.


The worst crime reflected the young man’s past.

(That lord we knew had the influential relationship to the PM).

In this Loveless world he made certain precautions to ensure

Unrequited love passed off as true love would meet an untimely end.

The End

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