Eloosive - The Words Beneath the Words

When you said to me, “Hello, how are you?”
I think we both really knew,
That you meant, “Please take me where I stand!”
But I am a refined sort of man,
So of my feelings I took command.

You followed smoothly with, “Can I take your order please?”
You scrumptious crumpet, you sexy little tease.
I could tell you were hoping for an order most rude,
But I am certainly not that crude,
So I asked for a burger instead of you in the nude.

And when you asked me, “Do you want fries with that?”
Your eyes told me that when you stripped down you left on the hat.
I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t take any more,
The words bubbled up from underneath and I roared:
“You know that uniform would look mighty fine on my floor!”

I couldn’t quite read the look on your face,
Until you sprayed me with industrial strength mace.
But even as the tears began and my vision blurred,
When you cried, “Call the cops!”, in your voice I heard
The sweet sappy song of the love bird.

The End

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