Anyone - On Places We Have Seen, But Never Been

There are places I have seen.

Vivid as though I were there

Rising white walls and calm red brick

Ancient tapestries hung

In a castle buried by time

Under an old frozen hill

That place was in a dream


There are places I have seen

A bright family gathering

In a glossy new hotel

Rows of relatives on sitting chairs

Modern lights on pillars

Someone else’s family

A friend's photograph


There are places I have seen

The warmth of a pink room in an old house

Students all around, laptops in hand

Paper writing late at night with tea

Laughter, tears, frustration

My friends studied in London

Through their stories I have seen


There are places I have seen

An old and darkened city

Through a shattered window

A future less than bright

The woman who stands there staring

The innocence fading from her eyes

I see places when I write

The End

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