d.f.m. - Tidal Wave

I always wondered what it would be like,

To see the world's oceans come alive.

To see the beauty and the mystery rebel,

Of the nature we mistakenly call an angel.


Though the marvelous water appear blue and green,

The dangers that are hidden within,

So wanting to find them, we are not very keen.


Shall I remind you of all the deaths so much water has cost?

Seeing so many wonders of the world being lost.

The grandeur of such wonder taking its part,

In destroying the world without a heart.


Nature is one thing that we can't control,

But everything else is in our hands to hold;

To feel, to nurture, to give the world life,

But instead, what do we do?

We endlessly create strife!


So when you think of tidal waves think not

Of large litres of water causing the land to rot,

But think of the world that we think we know best,

And how everyday we put it to the test.


Our probing and non-stop abuse,

Shall ruin all we have,

And for that there will be no excuse.


Tidal waves are dangerous amounts of water,

That destroy everything in their paths,

But so are we, we destroy what we were given to look after.

The End

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