Ana Cristina - No Reservations

The night opens petal by petal

Its fragrance on the breeze

We are at your park at 12 AM

And I am sitting on this swing

On the brink between girlhood and womanhood


Your voice is a promise I am afraid to keep

Your eyes hold amber-shrouded mysteries

I hesitate to meet your gaze

Because if I see myself reflected there

I may not recognize her anymore


You see this me that I've become

No longer hides behind her shadow

Her voice no longer quavers in response

And it's you who's changed me

You who's unlocked all my secret doors


You reach your hand out to me

Impulse fills my blood with sudden yearnings

I am past the point of second thinking

I know this impasse before me is a precipice

There are two roads open to me now


I can continue to be as I've always been

Afraid of loving, afraid of life

Or I can live with no reservations, no regrets

I look right into the mirror shine of your eyes

Take hold of your hand


And jump.

The End

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