Anyone - No Laughing Matter

I must confess,

That I am a teen and I may be a mess,

But please try to not stress,

What has just occured, because it will only make me feel, like a human, less.

Let me make quite clear to you, without much distress,

Why I am like this, would you like to guess?

Please do not laugh, take this like a test,

If you are a friend, you will not treat this as a jest.

I may have fallen and split my jeans in class,

But please, won't you stop laughing and help this lass?

This is no laughing matter, I protest!

Please won't you stop laughing and help this situation digest?

Are my cheeks red? I know they are, these slippery shoes have always been a pest.

I think I should go home, yes that would be best.

My bum really hurts, and my pants are tore,

So this is no laughing matter, you lousy bore!

The End

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