Eloosive - Ratatouille Phooey

Did you say this dish is awful?
I say that’s a load of offal!
I’m here to give this food its due,
And tell you what you need to do
To make it so your kid won’t bawl,
Or curl into a little ball.

Use veggies from your garden here,
No more bland store bought crap, you hear?
Not so many tomatoes, dear;
You’re making it look like raw deer.
That is far too much garlic too;
Lets drop it down to one or two.

If each ingredient you weigh
And cook it in its proper way,
Then your child’s woeful, weepy pleas
Will turn into, “I’ll have more please!”
No longer hidden in a cache -
In fact he just might pay you cash!

The End

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