Dayla- To David

I could forever write about love,

And how you should be free like a dove;

I could always show you the way,

To the right places without much delay.

But now I will talk about David,

Who's face, in my mind, is so vivid.


It was not a typical meeting,

I was just simply eating,

When you walked straight into my life,

And quite simply offered me a knife.

You had seen that mine had fallen,

And a new one, for me you had gotten.


The first few months were amazing,

I always felt that I was dreaming;

I remember it so clearly,

How much I loved you dearly.


Here comes the part I hate most,

And I'm sorry I'm sending this by post;

But dear David you must understand,

I'm doing this with my hearts demand:

I think I have fallen for another,

I'll see you soon this summer.


I know we have gone a long way,

But all of this ends today.

Goodbye David, I hope you don't mind my words,

I just don't want us to get worse.

The End

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