Tasha Noble - How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

A True Tale of Ailing Gerbils and Decluttering

There was the whole house to declutter,

Sorting things and bits of schmutter

into rubbish and recycling.

"That's too good to throw away.

We can list it soon on Ebay.

These are for the charity -

They collect, I think, on Thursday."

Okay, now the house is tidy

But we haven't done our shopping,

And that gerbil's not been hopping

much;  I hope she isn't ill.

Christmas Eve, the vets are busy,

So we're in a proper tizzy

In case Sandy needs a pill.

We can bring her right away;

Don't care what we have to pay.

We'll do the shopping later.

In the vet's,  a longish wait, a

quick examination,

She finds no contamination

and prescribes a probiotic

To put in Sandy's water.

Now I have a happy daughter,

For her gerbil's out of danger

(According to this stranger.)

Three days of adding powder

To the poorly rodent's drinkie.

When she tries it, she is "winky"*

But she still looks rather frail

From her nose down to her tail.

Sunflower seeds she leaves uneaten,

And we fear that we are beaten.

But we feed her lots of treats

Frozen peas, sprout leaves, (no sweets.)

Then, on Sunday afternoon

We almost fall down in a swoon,

when Sandy eats a Cheerio,

Then another - what d'you know?

"Gerbil doughnuts" -  a lifesaver

And she seems to like each flavour.

Now she gnaws and digs and scurries

Happy end to gerbil worries!

*Trivia:  gerbils wink when they're happy - especially when they are eating something they enjoy.

The End

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