Pegspoets- For My Mother: Please hear my plea!

Tears kept her company as she longed for love from her mother. Just some manifestation of care in some minuscule way- a hug, encouragement- a wink, but it never came- the tears however kept rolling. Heavy daggers that stabbed right through to her soul filling her sadness that would never truly empty. The questioning of herself never got the answer that she wanted. Did her mother love her?...

The question still rages in her as the years have passed and she contemplates when she seemingly lost love for the woman who never embraced her dreams-as if she had any, but she did. She just needed someone to help her realize that her taking pen to pad and writing sounds and painting pictures with words, or her head always in a journal was a dream. Her dream. And she needed someone. She needed her mother.

They always seemed as two strangers that shared a familiar laughter, but the closeness between them was as distant. They saw each other, but emptiness was company- uncomfortable company.

She wondered as she stared into the eyes of the woman who birthed her and wondered if her mother ever loved her before they connected for the first time- did they connect when the doctor handed her over or did she look away? Just maybe she was never shown love and in return she was never capable of showing it herself. Her tears stabbing all the wounds of her life and she quietly wonders if her mother could hear her plea for love even though it was in her dreams...Dreams that she still wonders and pens...

The End

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