Eloosive-My Mother Always..

The wisdom gained from motherhood
Is rarely bad and often good;
So listen closely when she speaks,
Soak up the words her lips might leak.

My mother always said the way
To make the most of every day
Was to live it like it’s your last,
To slow down and not go so fast.

So take your time, don’t rush about;
Speak softly, there’s no need to shout;
Take a deep breath, open your eyes;
Tell the truth, there’s no time for lies.

My mother always loved her kids,
She was happiest in our midst;
She showered us with affection,
And offered us her protection.

So remember to do the same
With the children who bare your name;
Make every touch a loving one,
Share all the joys under the sun.

My mother always spoke to me
Of the wonders across the sea;
She told me to embrace this earth,
That travel is of the most worth.

So go forth from your humble home,
Learn the lessons of ancient Rome;
And when you are done reading this,
Give your mother a grateful kiss.

The End

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