THX0477 - Sleep Paralysis

What am I?

So much isolation, fear, and loss

It's like there's an ocean of sleep around me

Waves of despair lap at my will.


No, wait, not all sides,

As there is one respite

One refuge, a tether to the waking world

Keeping me from being lost to action entirely.


A yearning fills me, buoys me up,

To flee this dream is not vain hope,

No, there is something there,

Something solid upon which to grab hold.


Am I the peninsula,

Jutting out into the abyss of semi-consciousness,

But linked and a part

Of something larger, something real, something with you?


Wait, what have I done?

My doubts have crept along the narrow isthmus,

Infected your bounty, lulled to your own sleep,

And you fade away, the chill water of dreams making the gap.


I see now, how it must be

Only alone can I face the nightmares to come,

Frozen in place by the comfort of my own fantasy.

Cut off from real life, I am an island after all.

The End

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