Cassandra- Marching Soldier

Am i that strong ?

Only you can answer that , because the only person i rely on for advice is you, in my worst moments you alone have  shelterd me .

You provided confort , hope , and you settled a very  tired heart.

I stand alone because i must , i stand alone because i choose to .

Am i that strong ?

You tell me...


Funny enough lately i see me standing for those who i love...

I see the diference my presence has made in their life and how me/them is essential to all that i have became.

You, as a human being are an equation of so many  factores not only  X or Y . And in the end my question answer`s itself by the way i   live my life, by seeking other`s in my hours of need , by allowing myself to be vulnerable knowing my friend`s will be there to suport me...

So am i that strong ?

Or am i wiser ?

I will tell you what i have learn that sometimes in order to win you need to lose, there i hope you understood that...

  Happy new year,


The End

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