AnaCristina - Geography

Where am I? What is this unknown terrain?

I truly can't seem to tell

And my geography was never that swell

Guess I'll just have to use my brain!


It's hot and it's humid, the flies sure are biting.

Palm trees are swaying,

Tropical music playing...

Wherever this is, at least it's inviting!


An island? An island, I do not think it to be,

Islands need water on all sides

And this place is connected to mainland, besides.

No, this does not seem like an island to me.


An isthmus? Hm, isthmus... it sounds about right

But wait -- isthmi always connect two larger land masses

(Looks like I'm remembering those dull geography classes!)

Lord, I hope I find the answer sometime tonight...


So I know this be no island, no isthmus, I'm certain,

And I stand connected to another land mass...

Have I found out the right answer at last?

Peninsula! That's the word I've been searching.


A peninsula is a piece of land nearly surrounded by ocean

Connected via an isthmus to the mainland

I think I finally know where I stand...

Florida! Land of sunny beaches, merengue, and tanning lotion!

The End

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