ElshaHawk - Reboot

It's a new year.

The old has passed away.

I look at myself in the mirror.

Whom shall I be today?


I stand there, bare

ready to start afresh

Old life behind me

New one still wet


I need a life reboot

I need to make big changes

I hit rock bottom very hard

And future me will avoid those dangers


The new year is a perfect start

To a life of new adventures

Turn around, go straight, never look back

No more risky ventures


The naked truth stares back at me

I clothe it in new hopes

I envision myself achieving my goals

I send thoughts of the old me up in smoke


Look out world, here I come!

I turn and face the facts

I'm starting over, though it will be hard

I'm better than that!


I hit the door

But reality hits back

It's coldness freezes my steps


I'm ready to change

Really I am,

First things first, I need my pants!





The End

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