Casssandra - Raising boys

I became a mother before i was ready for it , but from the moment you first moved on my womb  i was a mum, there and then you started to change my life, my first born conceive in a time were only i existed you made  me even more responsible.

Your birth was so funny, 24 hours in labour, Micael you were not ready to come out . To hospital and then back home again, by the next day , i just stayed quietly at  home until the contractions were far less in between, so after nine months i got to see your face for the first time and it is true , i was a mother, i became this person because of you . I became your north , your south and all in between.

I started by raising you and in the process learnd some home truths that being a mother is so much more than  i ever expected to be, so much more than i wanted to be, you  gave me hope again and you are the one who teach me to Love , you are my son , and yet without you i wouldn`t be me.

Two years after your birth we have your brother inside me, and even at your tender age you are pretty much your one man, so you tell me in that voice that means business :

" I am still first, right ?"

Oh, Mica , you are the first  no one can replace you , without you there would never exist a second, Lucas .

My second born, my mighty warrior , you were your own champion from the beginning, fighting for the right to be born, you were my second chance at hope, you look at what you brought in mummy`s life.

Laughter, caos, you help us be less focus on Mica and in the process you try his patience, you are my star that shinnes so bright in our family, you are such a gift, my second; my last child.

Twice  i gave birth, twice i fell in love ,.

Today i don`t raise boys, we raise each other.

To my sons , today and every single day i am me because you two exist .

            Love , mum...

The End

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