d.f.m. Housework

I wake up and it's another one of those days,

When everything needs to be taken care of without any delays.

What I do today is not so simple and quick,

It takes some skill and you have to be quite slick,

To be able to clean in a licka-di-split.


I sweep and I mop, I wipe and I dry,

And how much you notice sometimes makes me cry.

You walk in with your shoes,

All muddy and used;

You wipe your dirty hands on a counter so clean,

That it did once use to glean.

You drink your beer and place it on the table

While you watch some useless cable.


Housework takes me all day to do,

It takes hours and hard work too,

But the only one who doesn't care is you.


Has it ever occured to you, how it would feel

To have to kneel,

Over a toilet you use

And have to clean all that nasty goo?

I don't think you do, or maybe I'm wrong,

I might not stay and do housework for long.

The End

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