Moonwalker- Back Then

I lie back in my easy chair
I give a sigh in soft despair
It is so painful when I think
My past has gone in just a blink 

I close my eyes and remember when
Nothing is the same as it was back then
Before computers,  kids played outside
Now they stay in watching TV - double wide

Our old Chevy was as big as a small bus
A family of six, and two dogs - it took all of us
We drove to a quarry and dove off the trunk
The cars of today would have instantly sunk

No computers, no calculators, no colour TV
Clean air as far as the eye could see
Some schools had only one room,
Eight grades,one teacher, no inside bathroom

We learned math with multiplication tables
We learned to read with Aesop's fables
We had desks with a big hole for ink
We weren't taught how - but what to think

Things may be better in many ways,
But I still miss my happier days
It's a little bit sad to remember when
Things were different way back then

The End

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