Freshly cut grass

Freshly cut grass

Balls in my fists

The putrid stench of spring

I taste the lawn mower fuel on my tongue

Green moister sinks into my clean blue jeans

My selfish heart growls like a grouchy bear

Awakened early from it's long winter sleep

My siblings love it

They dash about

I sneeze

I long for the heavy silence of snow

For tiny flakes flicking light through bare tree limbs

I ache for a hot cup of tea and a good book

When spring comes my solitude becomes a battle ground

My parents always nagging me to go out

To romp and play like the others

But they don't understand

My playground is in my mind

Between the pages of books

Between paper and pen

With spring comes swimming

And outings and pushings and pullings

And nothing I want to do so they call me selfish

And boring and anti-social

Freshly cut grass

Balls in my fists

And I throw it in my sister's face

The End

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