hand prints

In my life i have left  hands prints  everywhere i go, in the life it grew under my heart for nine months, twice.

To the way my hands touch others in their hours of need.

I see the efect i have in the ones that surrond me, in those i call my friends and in the one i am work with, to those i write with, in everything we as humans do in life we afect one and other, maybe not intentionaly, but still we do, because the touch is the most used sense of all .

Hand prints is all about the path we walk , and the routes and side quicks we sometime have to go thru in order to live.

I use my hands as wisely as i can , to write , to read , to work, to dress myself, to do tasks on a daily basis, and i think one of the most important, the way my hands rest on Micael and Lucas face when i see them, when i put them to sleep, when i gently caress the hair out of their forehead. Yes the habilty to touch my soons is the most pleasure one of all in print i leave in  my wake.

And i leave the last entry  open for this, my hands prints on your body, the way it speaks of love and passion, of lust and laughter, of friendship and sex, Yes i leave this last entrace open because you are my last hand print...

The End

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