In absence of fear- cassandra

I need it to add before going home.

It is like a need to breath this fire that runs in my veins i want to write about all that matters to me and yet i don`t go anywere near my journal" words of no importance",i want to scream out loud my ideas and yet i sensor myself. So i aks myself. What do you fear ?

Being judge by them ?

Darling, i say to myself as much as you respect them you have been writing since you knew how to read it has helped you thru it all, so thus their opinions really matter that much ?

A part of me says ,no. The part that as been on her own fending for herself all this time.

The other part of me says,yes.The part that still seeks some reasurence that she is linked to humanity,the part that still believes.

So it is with some dread that i post these words in absence of certainty because there is this part of me that wants to belive I am still Human.

The End

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