Anyone - Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (Any)

Since i don`t really do breakfast this one is quite easy.

   What is best thing since slice bread ?

  This site.


In dreams she walks alone in a desert road that leads to infinity .

Without aim or purpose she persues on...

It is night but not dark, cold but not brisk.

It is silent here and yet not quite for her toughts are loud enough.


I walk alone in my dreams .

In life as well.

In here i can control the outcome, there i can`t read minds.

It is all i can or will do. I walk alone.


There is you me and everything in between . In here i can make us all that i crave, but then i wake up . My soul can`t take much more of this ...

If this is all i want less. If this is not enough then surely by now you would have done something ?

Of dreams and reality checks, of broken promises and sex...

Of life in its simple form, to you my love, i walk alone.



So yes this site is the best thing since sliced bread, but then again i don`t do breakfast.

The End

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