Moonwalker - Rage Against The Pancakes (Poetic Rage)

My heart is sad,
My hand, it shakes
I'm feeling bad
I'm making pancakes

The batter is lumpy
I must confess
I'm getting grumpy
Oh what a mess!

I think I'm going to cry 
It's worsening by the minute
I put them in the pan to fry
without putting butter in it

That's not the way
They're supposed to look
I think I have to say
I don't know how to cook

My brother comes in,
He points and  laughs
I never did like him
I won't take this crap!

I try to throw the  frying pan
but my hand is full of batter muck
My brother laughs till he can't stand
I can't throw it - my hand is stuck

The End

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