Tasha_Noble - Psychedelic Trip (A love poem)

You are the nightshade in my daydream,  golden in my eyes;

The scent of purple poesy and the rodent's child,  who lies

in every crook and nanny's heart;  the azure submarine

in bright green-orange water, and the chocolate drink with dream.

I'll catch up to your sparkly lashes, flittering at more

than worlds can move about the brightling spaces in that core.

Our lover-ness is not expansive, preciousness;  I mind

to cover each and every speck of skin of yours with kind.

And when the tale of us and we is final and complete -

The silver diamond ruby cup which holds us in, discrete,

Our souls shall melt and pour and spill their cotton fronds around

and we will say our love was flown in violet from the ground.

The End

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