Of highers expectations-sly

It's all been done hasn't it?
By all those with ample smarts and wit.
What's there left to do?
But hold on tightly to what's left of you.

This wasn't what I wanted,
This isn't how it should have been.
I had so much set up for us.
I wish you could have seen.

A sharp period, to end a sentence.
Life's got ways of making a statement,
She let's you see her magnificence,
While her intentions remain latent.

There was so much more for us to do
So much more to say
So much love to share with you
Not meant to end this way.

I'll leave you here, in the ground
I'll forget the arguments; your angry frown
I'll keep the smiles, the sunny days,
I'll cherish your most precious ways.

The times we rode to paradise,

On starlight so steep.

When your beauty held me like a vice,

When we didn't care to sleep.

I expected so much more,

I expected simplicity,

I wanted to grow old with you,

I expected eternity.

The End

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