Lobster traps

I have a block in my mind,as  i see this title and the only thing that comes to mind is either i am hungry (lobster/food),or the words traps and therefor i think danger, mistery , adventures , action, boys will be boys and i can`t relate the two. HUH...

Remind me again why i choose to write this one, i ask myself ?

Sign of dementia already, talking to myself...

Lobster traps...( slowly tappings fingers on the table)...

Nothing, it is a very unsual start, so because i have no beginning.

 I will give it a proper end.


The man in charge of the lobster traps was late today, it was already 9 in the morning and no sign of him.

And today of all days, she had said she would help by picking up the lobster , God only knew why she volunteered,it was not like they wanted her to help with the function anyway ...

And who had heard of serving lobster as a christmas meal ?

She couldn`t wait to go home the smell of fish made her fell sick.

"...Where was the lobster trap man ?..."



I hope that is of any use...

The End

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