Upside down apple pie- Kevinchella

Under the stars, he gazes lost,
Putting in the time of scanning the sky,
Staring out into the still atmos
In hope of a glimpse of the Upside Down Apple Pie.
Days and months passed since it last shone,
Everything on hold until it's time again,

Destiny foretold that under that constellation
Only then his love will he regain.
When eyes start to close and hope almost fades
Nocturnal creatures start to howl and squawk as they fly

Awaking to the sight that his heart has craved
Pie in the sky, Pie in the sky!
Peace washes through him as the constellation glows,
Lifting loneliness from him and returning her whole
Each step towards her, love exponentially regrows

Pouring and refilling his hollowed out soul.
It ends as they walk away hand in hand
Each agreeing to never again visit an apple pie stand

The End

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