Acid wash jeans- Cassendra

In my mind i remenber a perfect pare of jeans i had.

They were perfect ! I mean not of a very well known label, no. The fact they were perfect was the way its cute surronded me in every single shape, from the low cut tummy to the round bottom, to the way it simply dropped low to me feet .

It gave a sense of being a very sexy person , and for such a small one ( only five foot one inch- the inch is so important...............), it made feel so hot !  Well...


Now to a more serious part of the challenge . Thus the way you dress influence your mood ?

Off course it thus, otherwise woman would not buy sexy lingerie...

But the dressing part of a body is linked to how you feel prior to the putting the clothes on.

It may be the day, the place we are in life , a person we will see after work, but all comes in place as soon as we have the armour on.

That is how i see the clothes we wear. As a barrier between you and the world.

Or i maybe be thinking it too much in either case those jeans made me look, fine.


Today i have , prepare yourselfs, a black dress by Dorethy Perkins that as the same effect on me..Sometimes i am such a girl, sorry boys for the last intro.

The End

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