D.F.M. - The Newshour (A Tragedy)

I, the reporter, shall give you some news,

This set will be sad, and it'll give you the blues,

Another young tragedy has brought us two passing.

Bow your heads low and prepare to listen,

To a love story so broken, sad, and confusing,

That the tears that come out will make your eyes glisten.

Your sobs will be loud,

Your heart will then cloud,

Because after, of nothing you'll be proud.


I will introduce a young girl,

With a slight, little curl,

And a dress that she always gave a twirl.

This young girl was walking,

Quite sad and confused,

On the cell she was talking.


Then came a young boy,

Happy and the least bit fickle,

Playing with a smart nickel.

His lazy hair

Shot out with some flair,

And he stopped his playing,

As he saw the girl coming

And paused quickly on the curb.


Now audience I dare you, to try to compare,

The look that the boy dared,

To give the beautiful maiden,

Who's heart was quite laiden

With a sadness so tremendous,

And so full of despair.


She stopped, phone in hand,

And stared at the young man

Who dared to watch her without any command.


If you do not believe,

Then I beg you to leave,

For this part can get quite saddening.


The young boy and the girl,

Others would say,

Loved each other in a very strange way,

For the two could not live without the other,

And this way they were always together,

So their love never varied.


As love stories shall end,

Like when Romeo met Juliet,

The young couple knew,

That forever they would never be.

So, viewers, on a cold day,

That was the weekday Tuesday,

Miss Lady and Sir Gent,

Decided that their life,

They must end!


At this I will end the news,

I hope it gave you the blues

And will have you on your knees on the pews.

This has been the newshour,

Please join us at four,

When I will be talking about hockey and More!



The End

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