Anyone - Never Again

Forever and always was our only promise,

Together from past to present would be our destiny,

How was I to know that forever and always would be our demise?


The long grasses tremble around our feet by the wind's beckon,

The clouds move along against their will, In an endless blue ocean sky,

And our hands hold tight, without any fear, for more than hundreds of seconds.


Do you remember the sun beating down on your face?

Do you remember being young and forgetful?

Do you remember finding solitude in our secret place?

Do you remember the nights that made us fearful?


A bit older today, Maybe much wiser, never again I shall,

For someone my age, but yet so young, so free,

I never again will fall.


You are my past, a bit of my present, and never again my future.

That world we knew is gone,

And there is so many more places for our hearts to explore, to venture.




The End

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