Eloosive - Sausages (Heartbroken Poem)

In this dirty old rundown diner
The waitress wears too much eyeliner,
The cook is bursting from his apron,
The man near the back is on the run,
And I sit here as my food grows cold,
Thinking of all the crude lies you told.

These stupid fleas have got me itchin’
As our final fight in your kitchen
Plays over and over in my head;
You served me sausages and cold bread,
I fed you the truth of my feelings,
You threw them up and left me reeling.

I ran to my car and drove all day -
The miles couldn’t keep the pain away;
But I kept on through the rainy night,
The windshield shared my tears by streetlight.
When the day dawned this diner appeared
And so I stopped before madness neared.

When the waitress asked what side I’d take,
With these scrambled eggs that look so fake,
I said sausages and nearly cried;
“You okay?” she asked me and I lied.
Now I can’t even take just one bite,
I wish she would take them from my sight.

I will never eat these things again,
Tied too close to you my former friend;
But as I stand to depart this place,
One last time I see your loving face.
So like a cherished heart shaped locket,
The sausages go in my pocket.

The End

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