The Ties that Bind

    People hold on to hopes and dreams past the point of impossibility. They delude themselves further and further until reality is warped past all recognition.
    It takes a strong mind to break the chains that we've shackled to ourselves. A will to rip yourself from the ground restraint, a boulder that keeps you from flying.
    Do you know when you believe a lie to be true?
    Accept and apologize for something that is not your fault?
    If you think long and hard, true perception can peek through like rays of light in a dark cave.
    There can be freedom if you just use your mind.
        No matter who you are, you deserve better than to be grappled to the earth. It keeps you unable to go far without coming back. You can't discover new things, take new pursuits. To be worse off would be to be cuffed to another. Worse yet would have them not willing to sever the chain or bring a cause to what you've been tied to. They will not fix the problem. They will not do anything about it. When with a rock you have control over how the situation is run, but with a person you sit on an ever precarious tier, teetering over a pit. Should the other get control of the tie that binds, you will fall and be held at the mercy of the winds.
    Those chains are not of your blood. Not created with the sinew of your muscle. They have not grown with you, are not part of your bone or flesh or spirit. Do not let the pain of severing them deter you from breaking the bonds. It is not a portion of your being. You are in control of you, and you are completely without need of those ties.
    Break away, stop the delusions, realize when it's gone wrong.

     Don't be afraid. You are strong.

The End

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