~Bzzt. A door is ringing somewhere.

I could answer it but I'm not too sure who it would be.

>Maybe I called someone over?

~Bzzt. They're getting anxious

>My gut says not to answer the door.

Who's there?


>I doubt anyone would hurt me.

~Bzzt. They might leave.

I'll be right there! Just a second!

>I'll check the view finder.

~There are 4 hallways.

Where are you?

~Bzzt. The sounds coming from the left and right.

Which way should I go?

>My gut says go to the right, but it also said that the door would be a bad idea. I'll go to the left.

Hold on!

~"Hold on" is echoing. There is a door. There is pounding on it.

Hello? Who is there?

~There is no view finder on the door.

>Should I open it? It sounds urgent.

Is it an emergency? Hello?

~There is pounding on the door.

>Something tells me to keep the door closed and run. Something is bad on the other side of the door. I'll just open it up a bit.

~The door is open. There is a large mass of black.

>I can't see anything. My brain is burning!


>What's going on? My eyes burn! I feel

~Rain is falling hard.

>Where am I? Rain? I can't see anything, what's going on?

Ack! Stepped in a puddle! Hello? Is anyone there?

>I got into more than I could handle. What's this?

A door?

>Do I really want to leave the rain? It feels good, and I don't really need to see.

~There is panting.

>I'll take the handle. Ugh! The pressure! My body!

~Light is shining.

>I can't open my eyes, but I can feel the light. This is so strange.


>I can't talk?


~A tide is flowing and ebbing.

>Where am I now? At least I can walk still... Another door?



>I know i said something.

******** **** * *** *******

>I can't hear anymore? I can't see anymore? All because I opened that door? I can still move my arms...

*** * *** ****


>Another door. I need to remember where this is. I'll walk around some more. Nothing. Nothing.



>Back to the door. Wait. It's gone. What do I do now? The wall it was on is missing as well... Maybe there will be another one If I keep walking.


>Let me open this one now.

~Bzzt. A door is ringing somewhere.

Hey? I can hear again! I can see again! And I'm back here again?

>My gut says to stay away from the door.

~Bzzt. They might leave.

>I wonder what was down that hall and to the right?

~There are 3 hallways.

>My gut says to go to go to the left. I must be in a different place.

~Bzzt. They are getting anxious. There is pounding on the door.

>What's going on?


~There is poudning on the door.

Hello?! I won't open unless you answer me!

~There is pounding on the door.

How would you like me to pound back!


>It stopped when I hit the door...


>Something is pulling me back from where I came.

~There is a dead end. The walls are white, the floor is white, the other end of the hallway is black and shadowed. There is nothing lighting this portion of the hallway. There is someone crying on the ground.

Hey! What's wrong? What happened.

~She is looking up. Two black masses are for her eyes.

Are you okay?


~She is looking away. She is crying.



~She is crying harder.



~She is standing and looking up. There are trails of tears under her eyes.



I'm sorry.


I just want it to be okay.


Come back.



~"Please" is echoing. The room is black.

>What did I do?

~The room is black.

>Maybe I did something wrong.

~The room is black.

>Why is it getting darker?

~The room is black.

>My gut hurts. I feel this is the end.

~The room is black.

Good bye.

~The room is white.

The End

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