Rain Falling

and looked out. I opened the door The rain was falling from beauty if i ever saw it. sky,

glistening bright, bouncing off It was each leaf. wet my ears and I step out under the fall, drizzle down my back.

I relaxed sigh and feel. whether it be There is sound it makes on collision, something in the rain, the cool air that chilled wetness coating your that comes too face.

is there Something. rain in don't know what it Something, and is. calls me It. stalking, glaring with staring, piercing eyes. hungry, but i know They are it's really fear inside.

racing, My heart I should turn is and don't. but i leave leave even though I honestly don't think I should. I know eyes. It's in those something Even though afraid I'm to face it the prospect terrifies me, and I let it alone. just can't

if I move don't it ever will draw threaten my life. closer No matter what, eventually i go inside, i will have to No matter what same. the end will always be No matter what, Still, cannot I leave.

chilling me to my falling harder, soaking everliving shirt my core. the rain is my ever more, relief, I close my eyes, breath try and and focus on the love. i things growls The beast.

Why can't I "Leave me be! have this no reply. rain?" I shout understand that? why can't "We belong! take this away from me! The dog I Don't need is it!" drawing closer.

I eat it let me. think I may

The End

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