Who am I? -Poozzab

Who am I?

Often times I find myself asking the same question.

over and over

Time and Time again.

Think about it.

Who am I?

True, I am me, but really, what makes me, me?

Is it my sense of humor? My tastes? My opinions? My outlook on life?

Don't those things all change?

How about my love? Can you define yourself from what it is you love?

I don't think so. I think trying to define yourself is impossible...


Unless of course you have a unique style about you.

Yes, that might be it.

Word choice, sentence structure, mannerisms.

Art, clothes, music.

You can define yourself by a sense of style.

So then, who am I?

Am I the expensive suit and tie I wear to work?

Am I the dockers I put on my feet, or the hat I wear on my head?

Am I the things I do with my hands while I talk, waving about like a mad man?

Am I the speed at which I play guitar, or the pen strokes when drawing my love's face?

Am I the words I write with, the "perhaps"s and "alright"s? The "indeed"s that fill my pages?

I don't think so...

Two for two now...

I've got it.

I know what I am.

I am the feeling you get when I'm near you. The warmth you feel when I hug you. The safety you get when I hold you in my arms.The smile on your lips that plays about when ever you think of me.

I am what rolls your eyes when I say I love you. The sigh you heave when we go out. The dread you feel when you know it's time to talk.

I am here for you at all times. Waiting for a call or hello. Wishing you joy and safety.

I am Dan.

Who are you?

The End

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