Poetry and Strange Ideas from the Lord Poozzab

I think I want to have a poetry section. Here i'll write all of my avant garde thoughts I have that I can classify as either "Poetry" or "experimental". See, I don't want to have many many different pages of poems so that I have to scour protag whenever I want to show them to people or copy off a link. If I put them all in one story then I know exactly where they are and how easy it'll be for me to get to them. Which'll be really easy.

Do enjoy!

Also, leave a comment if you have a theme suggestion like "You should write a poem about flying pandas! Make it interesting!" I'll try and follow through.

Also, the things here that you may see might often be not exactly poetry, but jumbled words that make no sense and have a magical cadance. If not a flowing brook of words then indeed I may head towards a strange idea, deranged if I do say so myself.

Sometimes I get a bit weird. Ask Raindance, She'll vouge for my eccentric nature.

The End

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