Fall Away

Fall, fall, fall away
C’mon let’s waste our dreams away
the end of the world is near
let’s waste our time with friends that are dear
to us…
I’m sorry now, I wasn’t the one you needed
I’m faded now, I couldn’t of ever succeeded

And it feels like my toes can’t reach the ground
I hear the muted, a quiet sound
I’m sorry you were left in the rain
so disinfected we are far from the pain
Seems so disturbed over all the grief
maybe we should turn over a new leaf
Damned the right to fly without our wings
hear the lady Siren guide you as she sings

So we should fall, fall away
no one’s here to stay
nothing left to say
and I don’t feel riotous anymore
what are we put here for…
I feel sorry for all the dreams we lost
feeding greed it was hard but that’s the cost
maybe we should live an eye for an eye
but it’s time to bow and say good-bye

The End

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