Pen and Ink

Thinking of the possibilities
and putting them on visual spatial material
that will let you understand me
we can have our fantasies
if only we could make this moment so true and final
and then maybe we’ll be happy

in this moment standing under the rain
I think I caught a chill
can you help me, help me out here
I didn’t know pen and ink could cause pain
so much that can kill
yeah it gives you something to fear

I look up into the night sky without stars
just squinting from the rain coming down
but I stay looking up in fascination
we are just like just like passing cars
most of us just driving around town
just passing through to our destination

it makes you think
the things you do with pen and ink
can only bring thoughts of everything
and then again an idea of nothing
a perfect world in pen and ink
at least you it can get you something

The End

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