I may have been living in a memory
cherish the moment for a little too long
I remember how I saw the scenery
I refused to percept all that was wrong
maybe it was because I was a little naive
the perfumes I've smelt
the things I've felt
I just never wanted to leave

goodbye, memories
goodbye, sweet memories

I threw my hopes into a cage
I guess the shackles weren't enough
I'm so afraid to come back to this stage
then again, this time I'll know it's rough

because everytime my heart bleeds
It crawls back down to my sleeve
now I know it's easier not to care
when it's gravity is too heavy to bare

goodbye, memories
goodbye, sweet memories

I might spend the rest of my life
trying to eradicate these old feelings I own
I will fight feeling victimized
my heart will not turn to stone

I am not responsible for your actions
somehow you enjoyed the complications
it sends gives me the impression
all you give me ishugs, kisses, and other abbrasions

goodbye, memories
goodbye, goodbye sweet misery

The End

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