Sleep is a Time Machine

Insomnia seems fitting
As you can’t say good bye to the night
Ask yourself the questions that
Keep your eyes open, keeps on the light

The time machine is defected
Sleeping comes almost luckily
The dream your head has projected
Or the nightmarish misery
An object of affection
Usual meaningless suicides
This uncontrolled reflection
These deepest dreams and thoughts you must hide

And this concept gets you thinking
If anyone could look inside
For them to know what you’re dreaming
Of secret things you like to hide
At night you haunt your pillows
Time travel is all but possible
Ask yourself things no one knows
Sleeps the time machine left unable
Sandman didn’t come to bless you
You say hello to the sunlight
Everyone makes it before you
As you finally say goodbye to the night

The End

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