PTC1: Jackerbie - One of Three Views

Ah, Matsushima!
There is a stillness here,
the salty taste in the air is unforgettable.

Rocky fortresses tower tiny and tender,
each island like a fist.
The place is all awave with trees,
you'll hear a whisper in the leaves:
paddling in a forest.

(1) Anon., Attributed to Bashô
(2) Jeranger, Through the Woods (
(3) LouisaJo, Looking for Mother of Pearl at Sunset (
(4) BasilWoodall, Island from the Air (
(5) Kobayashi Issa
(6) Elizabeth Barrett Browning, An Island
(7) Eaten2MuchCake, A whisper in the settled leaves (
(8) jamm,The Isle of Life (

The End

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