For those who want to keep challenging themselves but didn't quite make the cut, or just want to informally try their hand at the Poetry 2012: Sunny Days challenges.

[Please see the Author's Guidance for the official links to the poems of the Poetry Tournament 2012: Sunny Days]

This thread is being created to allow people to post their poems, written per the challenge guidelines of the Sunny Days Poetry Tournament of 2012, which, for whatever reason*, will not be posted as part of the contest.

Please continue at the end of the line with your title being [Challenge]: [Name] - [Poem Title] (e.g. PTC2: Elorithryn - Adaptive Immunity) No explanations are required for why you are posting here, but they could be fun to read. 

*Reasons can include but are not limited to:

  • Not having gotten in your request to join on time
  • Not having been able to join, due other circumstances
  • Volunteering to a judge instead of a contestant
  • Having thought of more than one poem for a challenge
  • Being eliminated from the tournament
  • ...
The End

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